Tactical Traders

Pistol Magazines & Ammo Pouches Tool Kits & Multi-tools Chest Rigs & Load-bearing Vests Shovel & entrenching tool (E Tool) Flags & Banners Rucksacks & Backpacks Radio & communication gear First aid kit Knives & Bayonets Gun & Rifle Parts Water purification tablets Survival Kit Sleeping Bag Paracord Pouches & Webbing Ammunition can MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Mess kit
About Us:
Black Sheep Surplus is conveniently located North of Ft. Bragg in Southern Pines NC.

We Buy, Sell, and Trade in a wide variety of Tactical Gear to include: New and used TA-50, Uniforms, Military Surplus, Boots & Knives, Packs & Rucks, Camping Equpiment, Outdoor Sporting Goods and so much more.

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Camouflage face paint Field manual Holster Flashlights & Headlamps Dog Tags Boonie Hat Pea Coat Stoves & Cooking Gear Field Desks & Equipment Cots Netted Hammocks Military Posters & Propaganda Ghillie Suits Portable Water Filters Hydration Packs Training Manuals & Books Sling Packs & Side Bags Rain Ponchos & Gear
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910 • 315 • 0788

Store Hours:
Monday - Thursday:
10:00am - 6:30pm

Friday - Saturday:
10:00am - 5:00pm

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Thermal Underwear Flight Suits Duffel Bags Compasses Canteens Goggles Neck Gaiters & Scarves Berets Cold Weather Parkas Military Decals & Stickers Military Maps & Charts Reflective Safety Belts Silkies Climbing Harnesses & Ropes Helmets Rifle Slings Lensatic Compasses Flight Gloves
Yes We Buy!!

We will buy most the surplus gear you bring in, we are not in the habit of 'cherry picking' and leaving you with leftover gear. Any gear we decide not to resell we donate to those in need. Due to logistical constraints all gear must be brought into the store; sorry no phone quotes.

Items we buy:
  • Military Uniforms:
    • Airforce Uniforms
      • OCP Uniforms
    • Army Uniforms
      • Multicam Uniforms
      • OCP Uniforms
    • Marine Uniforms
      • MARPAT Uniforms
    • Navy Uniforms
      • AOR1 Uniforms
      • AOR2 Uniforms
    • PT / Physical Fitness Uniforms
    • Space Force Uniforms
    • Foreign Uniforms
  • Cold Weather Gear:
    • ECWCS - Extended Cold Weather Clothing System
    • PCU - Protective Combat Uniforms
    • Wet Weather Gear
      • Gortex
      • Ponchos "Woobie"
  • Bags & Packs
    • Assault Packs
    • Deployment Bags
    • Dry Bags
    • Duffel Bags
    • Gun Bags
    • Hydration Packs
    • Load Out Bags
    • Rucksacks
    • Stuff Sack
  • Pouches
    • Ammo Pouches
    • Canteen Pouches
    • Dump Pouches
    • Mag Pouches
    • Map Pouches
    • Utility Pouches
  • Tactical Gear
    • Belts
    • Chest Rigs
    • Eye Protection
    • Flashlights
    • Gloves
    • Gun Holsters
    • Knee Pads
    • Knives
    • MultiTools
    • Plate Carriers
    • Rifle Slings
  • Boots
  • Sleep Systems
  • Climbing Equipment


Build Chest Ring

We are so stoked to now carry Blick Bags!
This 60 liter roll down dry bag is bad ass guys! It has internal compartments to keep your gear organized and dry!

Every Day New Stuff

Come see what's new at #blacksheepsurplus we are putting new gear out everyday


We are back from vacation AND Black Sheep Surplus Tees are in!!! A million Thank You's to @1350usa for making us the most badass shirts and hoodies! Stop in and get yours!

Stroup Knives

A tiny sneak peak at our newest addition...
Yep! We are now carrying Stroup Knives!
Veteran owned, family operated (by the most amazing family I might add) Chris makes knives that are meant to be used.
More pics and of course in action videos coming soon!
These won't last long, stop in and get yourself a new blade.

SCAR Operator Tool Kit

SCAR Operator Tool Kit. Come and get it!

High Speed Gear

High Speed Gear Bleeder Blowout now in stock!

20210309 Raptor Tactical Odin Tactical Belt, Thor Plate Carrier

We are obsessed with badass gear.
Even more so when they are #Local and #VeteranOwned
We are SO PUMPED to announce that
Black Sheep Surplus now carries #RaptorTactical gear! Come and get it!

Tactical Shemgahs - American Flag, Dont Tread on Me

New Tactical Shemaghs in stock! Only $8!
We have lots of different colors and patterns to choose from.

Dog Tags while you wait

An old Surplus Guru once told me,
"you ain't a legit Army surplus store until you offer dog tags while you wait"
So I guess we are legit now 🤷‍♀️😁

Ranger Handbooks

Ranger Handbooks in stock!

72 hour go bag

On the hunt for the perfect grab and go backpack? Good news, I found it for you!
So many ways to use this bad boy. Need a new range bag? Sling this guy over your shoulder and get to shooting!
Want to look badass at Bible study?? Yeah, we just said Bible study and badass in the same sentence!
Stop in and get one and tag us when you figure out another brilliant way to use it!

Random Military Collectable Patches

Looking for that missing piece of military nostalgia.
Patch collectors come take a gander of our patches from days pasts.
Naval Ships, Submarines, Old USMC units

Shooting eyewear

We now carry Epoch Eyewear shades!
With the tactical series you can stay in style while out on the firing range!

Legio Patria Nostra Artwork

A couple months back a guy bought some stuff for an art project he was working on.
Today he brought us this kick ass print he did back in 2013!
We are so grateful to have such amazing customers!
If you want to see more of his work check out
Prairie Fire Art Company

20200622 Dees Bees Honey

We're super stoked to now offer Dees Bees Honey 🐝 Stop in and getcha some.

20200610 Survival Bracelets

Survival Bracelets now in stock!

20200528 Award

Yet another surprise!!!
This morning we were presented with a certificate of appreciation from 1st Special Forces Warfare Training Group.
We take pride in our ability to support the Military Community in Moore County and plan on doing so for many years to come.

20200528 Notch Hats

Per your requests we're now proud to say we carry Notch Gear!!

20200513 Award

What a huge honor this morning being presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Special Forces Association!
We look forward to being able to support the Military Community in Moore County for many years to come.
Thank you for all you do!

20200307 Woobies

We have Woobies (poncho liners) in stock! Get em while they last!

2020.01.27 BDUs

Black BDUs are in stock! We also have a great selection of 5.11 Tactical pants and tops.

2020.01.20 Space Force

Know someone excited for Space Force?? Need a US Space Force Tab? We gotcha covered.
*Unofficial Product - Gag Gift*

20191031 TrunkOrTreat

We are getting set up at Trunk or Treat at the Moore County Airport!! Come see us! 🧟‍♂️

20190814 War Belts

Adding a section of War Belts today. Stop in and check out what's new!

Common brands in our inventory:
Raptor Tactical